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Pittsburgh Real Estate Photography

Kevin Mihm

Jeff is extremely personable, good humored and most importantly he understood what we were looking for….excellence in real estate photography which he delivers.  We use Jeff to photograph our homes in addition to drone photography and custom night shots.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jeff.   Kevin Mihm, Howard Hanna Real Estate

about me

Jeff Muschar

Based in Pittsburgh, I love creating special images to help realtors attract more prospects, sell their listings faster, and improve their brand.  I’m always open for new creative challenges & projects. 



Which realtor makes a better impression on their clients?  One who uses amateur photos, or the one who invests in their clients by hiring a professional photographer?  The latter of course.

With technology like smartphones and tablets, almost anyone can take a photo, and many times, the images can be good.  But there is an obvious difference between an iPhone photo and a professional photo.  The pro uses high end equipment, knows how to light a scene, and knows how to edit for the best results.  A good professional photographer will also focus on composition, which gives the viewer a sense of relief and enjoyment in viewing the image.

People who are selling their home will most often go with the listing agent who uses a professional photographer to photograph their home. This is because they know that the better the images they have showcasing their home the better their home will be marketed and increase the potential for selling it fast and at a higher sale price.

If you want to stand out more in your area as a listing agent, then using professional images instead of taking them yourself with a point and shoot will give you a competitive edge over your competition.